Blazers para todos los gustos. Blazers and the re-invented masculine look.

Hello everybody!! In this new post I wanna know your opinions related to the blazer, this piece of dressing with masculine characteristics, luckily the designers have made so many shapes of it. Check out this link from, there you can appreciate the different ways to use the masculine style.

Then I also added my fav blazer in a shape of grey which I wore for the Buenos Aires Fashion week, as my debut as a fashion designer for my university. Also I have made an outfit very urban with my fab pieces from Forever 21

Hugs to all, hope you like it.

Hola a todos! En este nuevo post quiero ver que opinan sobre esta moda que de a poco se va reinventando, la del blazer desde los rediseños que feminizan esta prenda de caracteristicas masculinas.
Miren este mix de fotos que han sido elegidas de la website

En cuanto a mi blazer preferido, elegí uno de color gris que use cuando asistí a mi primer desfile como diseñadora en la semana de la moda en Buenos Aires el año pasado. Y seguido de mi foto agregué un conjunto bien urbano que arme con prendas de mi marca favorita llamada Forever 21.

Espero que les guste el tema de hoy y que opinen de que forma les gusta a ustedes combinar sus blazers.

Besos gigantes!!!


  1. Blazers ♥ Creo que tengo solo uno, pero nunca te va mal con uno. Quedan re elegantes :)
    Estabas re linda en la BAF :D Y me encanta el conjunto que armaste, es uno de mis favoritos :D

  2. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

    Follow me if you want on

    x Valentine

  3. Blazers are definetely a MUST in a woman's wardrobe. I'll get you some pics of a black one that I have, in a rather velveteen black fabric, with just one big button and a really cute pair of pockets.
    I love the one you're wearing, except that I don't ussually wear things too long because of my huge hips lol. I think blazers are definetely great to go to work, combined with a high-wasted skirt and a white shirt or also to go out at night, with a pair of jeans, a non sleeved t-shirt and high heels.

    Love your blog Mary! See you!

    PS: I wanna see a post about RAIN BOOTS haha.

  4. great blog! I'll follow.

  5. I have recently been thinking that I definitly have to stock up with blazers. Such a great piece which adds glamour to every outfit

  6. blazers are the best, i love how they've taken total charge over the cardigan.


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